All of my frames are made with silver brazed lugs or TIG welded steel. Since everything is custom, I do not have stock geometry or materials. I choose the diameter, butting and thickness of each tube after I get to know the customer and I figure out what type of riding the frame will be used for. I make frames for bike messengers, touring cyclists, racers and triathletes.

Bicycles are meant to be used. I love when people come back to me with frames that have been loved/used to death. I choose steel as a medium because it is stiff, strong, and durable. These ain't your grandpas Schwinn either, frames can weigh as little as 3 pounds!

During his summer breaks from Marquette University, Matt Kaminecki was as an apprentice at Boulevard Bikes in Chicago. He eventually fell into the position of head mechanic at Earthrider Bicycle Shop in Brodhead, Wisconsin.

Seeking a better understanding of bicycle construction, Matt went to Oregon to study brazing under the guidance of Ron Sutphin and Keith Anderson. With frames on the brain, Matt scrounged up some tools and started making frames for friends.

He currently works as a Mechanical Engineer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. When not planning new ways to move snow, Matt can be found playing tug-of-war with his pitbul, Aden. He can be found riding his bike back to Logan Square in Chicago when he gets itchy.