I do not do mass production. That means you get a one of a kind, unique frame that will never be duplicated. All frame geometry is tailored for the riders body, intended use, and aesthetic desires. Each tubes thickness and diameter is chosen based on the type of ride quality you want. All frames include a matching fork and one color of wet paint.

Track Bike

My specialty. I like to use close tolerances, which require extra attention to detail on these zippy bikes. Can be designed as a velodrome racer or with ammenities for commuting like rack mounts. $1200

Road Bike

Included are all of the popular braze-ons (water bottle cages, rear rack, down tube shift bosses, etc.) We can leave them off if you would like a reliable racing or training machine. Perfect for long trips, fast rides, commuting or cyclocross racing. $1250


29er or Mountain Bike

New to the Kaminecki line!! Only available with TIG welding. Strong, durable, and sweet. $1050 (Rigid fork available for $200 more)



  • Lightweight, heat treated tubing - $250 Allows for thinner tubes which weigh less, much more difficult for me to work with.
  • Polished Stainless Steel lugs - $150 each
  • Lug masking - $35+ per lug (not available with powdercoating)
  • Replacement or extra steel fork - $300
  • Custom carved lugs or bottom bracket(fairly labor intensive sometimes) - $35 per hour*
  • S&S stainless couplers for traveling - $500
  • Candy or color changing paints - $250

If you do not see something here, that does not mean I can't do it. If you have ideas, lets talk and see what we can do!

* I reserve the right to reject any carving that I feel is beyond my ability, detrimental to my sanity, or structurally unsound.

**Discounted parts groupos available from Earth Rider. If buying a parts for your new frame scares you, I can built it complete with parts at a competitive price.